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I skipped school for days on end, refusing to leave the plain four
walls of my bedroom and I know
you have heard me crying at two
in the morning instead of sleeping,
but of course there’s nothing wrong.
I find it funny how you never really
look me in the eye anymore or speak
to me in a way other than yelling;
does the empty look in my eyes
scare you or are you afraid of what
I might tell you? Even after some
teachers called because the were
worried and even after you found
five razor blades in my bag I was
still “fine”. A therapist won’t do
your job. And don’t you dare tell
the doctors in the emergency room
again that you had no idea it was
so bad because we both know
that’d be a flat out lie. I thought
parents were supposed to make
sure their kids were healthy and
happy or at least just okay but
here we are; both in the same
house acting like strangers again.

m.l.b, when parents become strangers (via traced-veins)

Matthew Lush.

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I don’t know why I try anymore.

I’m done

I’m tired of being on this planet. I feel unwanted. Worthless. Depressed. Broken. But the thing is, my heart never started whole. It was already broken, but now it’s been shattered and burned. Now all I have left is the ashes and they’re blowing away..


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Opals on opals

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