Danii Ofwgkta

I like porn and weed hi


Opals on opals

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Can’t wait to roll it ;)


Other long distance couples:

I miss you so much babe and I just want you here and I love you and I can’t stop crying and I just wanna be with you and I can’t stand this distance and everything sucks.

My LDR and me:

lol ur face

ur mom fucker

shut up i hate u

Him. 😘

1,060 miles. 💔
Him. I found my other half. It took so long, and I can’t deny I didn’t try hard to find my over half. But. Finally, I found him. He’s tall, blonde, funny, cute, sexy. I love him so much. I talk to him all day everyday and I’m gonna count down the days until I get to see him.

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